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· Marion M. Magruder was a pioneer in Radar Intercept Night Fighting.

· While training with the R.A.F. Marion M. Magruder was awarded the R.A.F. wings—the only time American pilots have ever flown with both sets of wings on their tunics.  

· Magruder commissioned and commanded the top U.S. night fighter squadron in WWII.

· On 3 days notice to deploy, (a record for efficiency,) VMF(N)533 made the longest over water flight of single engine fighters in the Pacific Theatre, WWII, to get from Engebi to Okinawa.

· VMF(N)533, Black Mac’s Killers is the only U.S.
squadron to be named after its Commanding Officer, Colonel Marion M. “Black Mac” Magruder, USMC.

· VMF(N)533 set the records in WWII for: night kills,
combat ready rate, safety, and the only Marine night fighter ace in U.S. history.  For this they earned the Presidential Unit Citation.  The squadron continues to earn distinction as VMFA(AW)533, Night Hawks.      

· The secret techniques of improving night vision Magruder learned from the British.

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Book Signing April 2012

HISTORY/Military/World War II
288 pp. 6 x 9
70 photos  3 maps  Biblio.  Index
ISBN: 9781455615315  $26.95

E-book ISBN: 9781455615322  $26.95

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